Friday, 25 March 2011

More Geek than Who... the song book

Okay, so I get bored easily and my mind wanders.  Sometimes it wanders on a large scale (which ended up with the Doccy Horror Show) and sometimes it's just on a smaller, low key level.  This one was sketched out on a train journey the other week and I never got round to neatening it up but... well it's just an indication of what's likely to be ahead.

Why Can't the Banks Be Run Like Physics?
(In the style of Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man from "My Fair Lady")

Why can't the banks be run like physics?
So charges couldn't randomly appear
If Kirchhoff ran a bank
He'd say borrow, but if you thank,
What you take out all comes back this time next year.

Why can't the banks be run like physics?
Not by criminals who currently are at large?
There would be no sliding scale
Or the threat of pauper's jail
Just one single and fundamental charge.

So why can't we run our banks like physics?
Though I think they're already on fuzzy logic
With what's current in their vaults
They blame us for all their faults
And their resistance is enough to make you sick.

More, and I do mean MANY more, to come over the following months.

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