Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Start of "14 Days of..."

Right, I have several New Year's Resolutions and this year I plan to stick to them (sticking to them being the first resolution).  The ones you need to know about are
1) update this blog more often
2) finish Benny
3) go through my stupidly large DVD collection and re-watch loads of it.

1 leads nicely into 2 and I figure that 3 might as well feed in as well.  I could, of course, just pick things at random off the shelf to watch but that doesn't seem to tie in with the way my brain works.  If it works that is. So I thought I'd try and find some sort of way of keeping things mixed up (so I actually keep watching stuff rather than just pick one series etc).  So I figured I might as well do them in some sort of order... alphabetical order.  Ish.

52 weeks to the year, 26 letters to the alphabet... so that's two weeks per letter. And as we've just had the 12 Days of Christmas (well, we're still having them as I write but they'll soon be over) so why not go for "The 14 Days of...."  So, over the next two weeks I'll be randomly re-watching things beginning with the letter A, then the two weeks after that I'll be re-watching things beginning with B and so on.  The two weeks of Q might involve a LOT of Quatermass but we'll see what happens when I get there.  They won't be in alphabetical order within the letter, that would be obscenely complicated.... but random TV and movies beginning with that letter.

I'm also feeling very lazy tonight, so "The 14 Days of A" begins with....

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