Monday, 28 February 2011

For a different kind of geek

Okay, so in the intro article I said I'd post about Doctor Who (done that quite a bit), science (yeah, often with the Doctor Who stuff) and also the gym.  Not done that one yet so thought, as today was my first day back there after a week off, I'd do a short gym post. 

Basically, I've been off for a week thanks to a mixture of too busy (yay, a social life for a week), family business (still fun) but mostly due to being a human mucus factory.  Energy is mass, mass is energy. Most of my energy was clearly going in to making mucus. (Woo, gym and science in one go!)  Thanks to copious amounts of medication and hawking up of mucus balls (look, if you're reading this then you probably know me so you KNOW I'm not going to hold back on details) I'm pretty clear of it now.

After tonight's session with my trainer (how does that sound, admitting I have a trainer just for the hell of it?) I've come to three conclusions
a) powerplates are evil.  Sorry but they make me look even more undignified than usual (thankfully there aren't mirrors near them so I don't have to look at myself looking like a constipated tit on the things) and I'm embarrassingly knackered after using them given how "little" you do with them.
b) cardio is now tolerable, but if the person on the machine in front of me has buttocks that look like they're moving with simple harmonic motion (yay, more science) I am really going to struggle not to look, laugh and break my own form   and
c) my trainer has never caused me pain by getting me to lift big weights but boy does he know how to humiliate me with small weights and difficult exercises.

Actually I realised many more things during tonight's session but I'm not admitting them in public.  Oh, and if you were the one trying not to look at me whilst I was working out... MY EYES ARE UP HERE :) Oh I love shallowness.

So yeah, first post about the gym.  Expect more, but they probably won't be quite as bitchy as the Who or science ones.

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